Planning Process



AdvoWealth Advisors      Different – right from the start!


1. DISCOVERY - Review your unique situation & personal goals

From day one, you'll see that working with AdvoWealth Advisors is different. With most 'financial planners,' the discovery process often begins and ends with numbers. But at AdvoWealth, our first priority is to listen to you. We take the time to understand your unique situation — your opportunities, your challenges and your hopes and dreams for the future.

The value we bring to our clients goes well beyond choosing and managing the right investments. We look into every aspect of your financial picture – from portfolio analysis, insurance, to trusts, taxes, business valuations and more.  Our goal, help you discover more ways to make the most of your money and your life.

2. ANALYSIS – Analyze & Review Your Needs

The world offers unlimited choices. We work with you to help identify and clarify your goals. Most people often fail to achieve goals when they try to accomplish too much at once, or do not attach specific deadlines to goals. We will break down your goals to specific objectives, allowing you to look at available resources and decide which goals are realistic, which need to be adjusted or scaled down, and prioritize.


We further expand on step 2 to create and evaluate strategies to help you achieve your goals.  With your permission, we work in tandem with your team of tax and legal advisors to understand your particular situation.


After our conversations and analysis, we recommend the strategies to help you achieve the goals and objectives you have set through the process.

5. IMPLEMENTATION – Coordinate financial activities

Working with you and your other advisors we put the strategies in action.


There are times when things change within your life, business, or those outside your control.  We work with you well into the future and motivate you to keep on track or make a necessary change whenever the need arises.