Your Team

Johnny Jonathon Olivas

Jonathon “Johnny” Olivas has been in the financial services industry since 2007 and is an independent fiduciary.  He spent the first 13 years of his career performing at a high level for a Fortune 100 investment/insurance company where he received many accolades.  To further enhance the resources to his clients, he, Tom and David founded AdvoWealth Advisors, LLC.  Johnny's clients include motivated individuals and business owners who want to realize their financial goals. As an active member of the community, Johnny has a vested interest in seeing his friends, neighbors and clients succeed. He shares many of the same hopes and aspirations as them and is happy to share all the resources and information his firm has to offer.

Johnny loves spending time with his family and in his free time enjoys golfing, coaching youth sport leagues, and volunteering for local non-profit organizations. 

Tom is an experienced advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. He is skilled in 401k retirement plans, complex buyouts, asset management, retirement planning, and investment advisory with strong emphasis on business strategy and how to engineer your business and personal estate for the future. Tom founded Prutzman Wealth Management after several events lead his family to Los Angeles. After living two years in Los Angeles, Tom and his wife realized they wanted to live in Reno where they could surround themselves with family and friends. Tom ran Prutzman Wealth Management until realizing he needed a team, so he, David and Johnny formed AdvoWealth Advisors, LLC. 

When away from work, you can usually find Tom boating on Lake Tahoe, golfing at the endless courses in Northern Nevada or playing out on the soccer fields. Otherwise, Tom always enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife (who keeps everything in order) and trying to make the most of his family time with his 3 amazing kids.

David Barnes is an independent fiduciary that specializes in setting up retirements plans for businesses.  David brings over 10 years of experience to the firm and has set up over 500 401(K) plans in his career.   Realizing he wanted to do more and offer more to his clients, he along with Tom and Johnny founded AdvoWealth Advisors, LLC.  He is dedicated to helping business owners and their employees achieve their financial goals.  He is a strong believer in educating individuals on how important it is to save for their future and strive to achieve financial freedom. 

David is born and raised in Northern Nevada.  He enjoys soccer, traveling, skiing, and any outdoor activities.  Most importantly David loves spending time with his family.